These are incredibly small fonts that are then made bigger so that, most of the time, the individual pixels that make up the letters can still be seen.

I had the general question of how few pixels were needed to create an all-caps font face. Trying out different sizes in MS Paint, my Bitfont collection soon grew.

I have made these explorations into real fonts (with the help of FontStruct – a great utility that I recommend checking out). They are all uppercase versions of each letter, but since there is both uppercase and lowercase characters available in a font, I included two versions. The uppercase version is a square variant, and the lowercase characters are a more rounded variant.

You can check out the pictures below, and if you really want to get your bitfont awesomeness going, you can download each font and use it for real.

Bit 5x3 Font

Download the Bit5x3 font

Bit 5x5 Font

Download the Bit5x5 font

Bit 9x9 Font

Download the Bit9x9 font

In Use

You can use these fonts in any regular word-processing application... or you could get really creative and use this font to build your own Arduino powered Birthday Cake that spells out words. Cool, right? Read more here: